Milenia - Giclee Print


By Dave Correia

Printed on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag with archival inks.
Limited edition of 50, hand signed and numbered.
8.5 " x 22"

$40.00 USD

Sometimes I get bummed out that I won’t be around in 500 years to witness certain things. Like: If the United States will still be a nation – what kind of computer/devices will be around – will the ocean have caught on fire. Heavy stuff, I know. But more importantly, I wonder how people are going to defend themselves and survive when aliens attack.

I've seen enough awesome movies to be sure of one thing; it's that we will get invaded by aliens and have our asses handed to us. Kinda like in Red Dawn, but with space aliens. Every man for themselves! Half the fun would be making all the crude weapons and armor you would OBVIOUSLY need to fight the martians. Aside from the global annihilation of the human race, I think the it would really bring us together as a species.

- Dave Correia

Milenia Detail