Bhart - Giclee Print


By Dave Correia

Printed on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag with archival inks.
Limited edition of 50, hand signed and numbered.
16" x 20"

$40.00 USD

San Francisco Bay Area’s answer to a public transit train.
The idea in theory is a good one “Let’s make a train run through the bay area and help the tax payers get from point A to B!”

Too bad they didn’t account for all the schizophrenics, hobos, criminals, and Raider fans that would dominate the transient population. Riding BART is like going to a carnival freak show, with the likelihood of getting puked on while in a fistfight.

As an added bonus, the trains have fabric seats, which I hear not only absorb urine and blood, but also harbor contagious bacterial pathogens.

- Dave Correia